About Us

Thank you for visiting Nanny Camz! We're one of the top sources in the  Tampa Bay Area for quality hidden surveillance cameras which are often referred to as nanny cams. We also carry a huge variety of security systems, working security cameras, dummy cameras and many other high quality products for your home and personal protection. Browse our selection and contact us through our live support if you need any assistance with anything or contact us through the Contact us form on the site or contact us directly through Live Support. We currently deliver our products inside the USA and Canada. Deliveries to Canada are subject to additional customs fees

We sell the BEST and HIGHEST QUALITY nanny cams on the market. The video recording from our nanny cams abides by laws in all 50 states and may be used in a court of law under some circumstances. Don't be fooled by low-quality imitators that might even be illegal to use!

Our US address: 301 Symes road, Tampa, 33511 Florida

Our European address: Cankarjeva ulica 7, 8290 Sevnica, Slovenia